150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

ACS Catalysis 2023, 13, 15505−15515


Nika MelnykMarianne Rica Garcia, and Cristina Trujillo*

Halogen-Bond-Based Organocatalysis Unveiled: Computational Design and Mechanistic Insights

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

RSC Sustainability, 2023, 1, 2197 – 2201


Cholinium-based ionic liquid catalysts for polyethylene terephthalate glycolysis: understanding the role of solvent and a reappraisal of the cation contribution

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2023, e202310583



Thomas SephtonAnastasios CharitouJonathan M. LargeCristina TrujilloSam ButterworthMichael F. Greaney

Aryne-Enabled C-N Arylation of Anilines

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Theoretical Chemistry Accounts (2023) 142:81


Iñigo Iribarren, Cristina Trujillo, Goar Sánchez‑Sanz, Eric Hénon,  José Elguero and  Ibon Alkorta

Influence of Lewis acids on the symmetric SN2 reaction

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

J. Org. Chem. 2023, 88, 14, 10020–10026


Dylan M. Lynch, Mark D. Nolan, Conor Williams, Leendert Van Dalsen, Susannah H. Calvert, Fabrice Dénès, Cristina Trujillo, Eoin M. Scanlan

Traceless Thioacid-Mediated Radical Cyclization of 1,6-Dienes


150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Chem.Eur. J.2023,29, e2022035


Marianne Rica GarciaIñigo IribarrenIsabel RozasCristina Trujillo

Simultaneous Hydrogen Bonds with Different Binding Modes: the Acceptor “Rules” but the Donor “Chooses”

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

TetrahedronChem. 2023, 5, 1000352


Nika Melnyk, Marianne Rica Garcia,  Iñigo Iribarren, and Cristina Trujillo*

Evolution of design approaches in asymmetric organocatalysis over the last decade

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2022, 62, 22, 5568–5580


Iñigo Iribarren  and  Cristina Trujillo*

Efficiency and Suitability when Exploring the Conformational Space of Phase-Transfer Catalysts

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

ChemistryOpen2022, e202200119


150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Org. Biomol. Chem., 2022, 20, 6384 – 6393

Catalytic, asymmetric azidations at carbonyls: achiral and meso-anhydride desymmetrisation affords enantioenriched γ-lactams

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