Group Pictures

September 2021 - Keeley Cup 2021 🏆

June 2021 - Family-Group Hike with Garcia-Melchor Lab (CCEM Group). Killiney hill, Dalkey

TCD Chemistry Outreach Symposium

2020 – Presentation at TCD_Chemistry Outreach Symposium from my Ph.D. student, Iñigo Iribarren, and Mark Nolan. Very visual and clear simulations of how soap interacts with viral particles.

Simulations available HERE

Nov - 2020 European Researchers' Night at TCD. Interacting with 3-D Molecules. Soap vs Covid

We have developed a site dedicated to 3-D visualisations of the molecules all around us!

You can find historical facts, funny interests, beautiful 3D structures, and amazing stories to enhance your fascination for the world of molecules.