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150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2020, 21, 8036

Ibon Alkorta , José Elguero, Cristina Trujillo and Goar Sánchez-Sanz   

Interaction between Trinuclear Regium Complexes of Pyrazolate and Anions, a Computational Study

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

ChemPhysChem, 2020, 21, 1

Goar Sánchez-Sanz, Cristina Trujillo, Ibon Alkorta and José Elguero

Rivalry between regium and hydrogen bonds established within diatomic coinage molecules and Lewis acids/bases

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Struct Chem,2020, 31, 1909–1918

Cristina Trujillo, Goar Sánchez-Sanz, José Elguero and Ibon Alkorta

The Lewis acidities of gold(I) and gold(III) derivatives: a theoretical study of complexes of AuCl and AuCl3



150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2020,22, 21015-21021

Improving phase-transfer catalysis by enhancing non-covalent interactions

This article is part of the themed collection: PCCP Emerging Investigators

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Org. Biomol. Chem., 2020, 18, 5617-5624

J. Grover, C. Trujillo, M. Saad, G.  Emandi, N. Stipaničev, S. S. R. Bernhard,  A. Guédin, J. L. Mergny, M. O. Senge and  I. Rozas

Dual-binding conjugates of diaromatic guanidines and porphyrins for recognition of G-quadruplexes

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Crystals, 2020, 10(2), 137

Ibon Alkorta , Cristina Trujillo , Goar Sánchez-Sanz  and José Elguero 

Regium Bonds between Silver(I) Pyrazolates Dinuclear Complexes and Lewis Bases (N2, OH2, NCH, SH2, NH3, PH3, CO and CNH)

This article belongs to the Special Issue σ- and π-Hole Interactions

150 150 Cristina Trujillo PhD

Molecules, 2020, 25(4), 798

Iñigo Iribarren, Goar Sánchez-Sanz and Cristina Trujillo

Anion Recognition by Neutral and Cationic Iodotriazole Halogen Bonding Scaffolds

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Halogen Bonding: Insights from Computational Tools)